Ruth Kamande has grabbed the hearts and minds of Kenyans after she won the Miss Langata Prison pageant. The bedazzling beauty in behind bars for allegedly stabbing her lover 22 times. Media, fans and die hard fans have celebrated her beauty.

AMEKUJA KUCHOKOZA! Check Out 10 Photos Of Hot Langata Prison Beauty Queen, Ruth Kamande

This has not gone down well with some Kenyans who believe that Ruth doesn’t deserve to be appreciated like she has on social media.

Kenya Film and Classification Board CEO, Ezekiel Mutua posted on Facebook, “I know people can reform and indeed the prisons are meant to reform criminals to become better citizens, but for someone who killed another person so brutally a year ago, by stabbing them 22 times with a knife, I think there is absolutely nothing beautiful about them. Not so soon. The dead was a human being, someone’s son. A year down the line the killer is being celebrated under the banner “Beauty behind bars.” I find this a bit disturbing. What are your thoughts guys?”

One such person wrote on Facebook, “Huh so Ya’ll are talking about how a murderer sijui is too pretty to be in jail and some other really dumb shit. As if that is not enough…. KTN goes ahead and creates and episode for this bitch called “beauty behind bars” wtf is wrong with ya’ll??? Did you guys for a min think about the family of the man she so ruthlessly stabbed 22 times did you get that part? 22 effin times how cray are you to stab someone 22 times? Let me just say, if some fool stabbed my brother or son 22 times? because of a whatsapp msg ? bitch you will be lucky making it to jail with half your face, that is if you even make it there at all. The fuck outta here with that crap.”

Another sentiment was raised by XFM breakfast show presenter Nick Ndeda asked, “Oh, I didn’t realize you had to be unattractive (according to the shallow-minded perspective of most) in order to commit a crime!!”

Meet The Woman Who Stabbed Her Boyfriend 22 Times In Buruburu (PHOTO)
Ruth has been incarcerated for stabbing her boyfriend Fareed Mohammed in Buru Buru estate on September 20, 2015. It was said in court that she stabbed Fareed, 23, after finding lewd text messages from a secret lover.