Dr Ofweneke

Dr Ofweneke aka Sande Bush is one of the most talented comedians around. The father of three’s journey to stardom was aired on Churchill Show, leaving many in tears. His story was emotional.

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‘This is how my house in Kangemi looked like,’ Dr Ofweneke on humble beginnings

Dr Ofweneke aka Sande Bush, an award-winning MC is one of the most talented comedians around.

He revealed that his mother abandoned him a week after he was born.

“‘I was born to David Sande and, late Jennifer Atieno at Pumwani hospital. My mother shared a bed with another expectant woman,'” she told me. ‘She broke a thermos flask which belonged to Pumwani Maternity hospital and I was detained for few days so that they (my parents) could replace the item,” he said.


‘I was taken home and that’s when my dad realized that he had become a father. That’s the day he stopped drinking…

The day I was taken home he was drunk and wasn’t in good terms with my mum. A week after my birth, my dad bought a beer at his favorite joint and before he could drink it, our housegirl [by then] came and told him ‘aunty amecome na amewacha mtoi kwa stairs’. He came back and found neighbors picking me up…’ the comedian narrated.

He continued;

I was left with my dad. I respect him because he carried two burdens… He has fought a lot of battles. God gave him patience and resilience na roho ngumu. I’ve seen him raise my uncles and aunties as well as me. Dad, wherever you are I celebrate you and proud to say that you’re my dad,’ said a teary Dr Ofweneke.

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‘This is how my house in Kangemi looked like,’ Dr Ofweneke on humble beginnings

He narrated how his parents who lived in Mathare stayed in a small house separated by a bedsheet.

The comedian met his mother after form 3, she passed on three years later after meeting him.

Dr Ofweneke is now one of the most sought after comedians in Africa has been through a lot in life.

After high school he revealed that he became a tout/matatu conductor.

He thanks his stepmother for taking care of him.

Below is a video of his interview with Churchill