Zari and Diamond Platnumz
Zari and Diamond together

Zari Hassan is a great mother. She is bringing up her children in the ways of the Lord.

Zari and Diamond Platnumz’ kids, Princess Tiffah and Prince Nillan have already started school and they’re doing great. Princess Tiffah has already mastered the songs they sing in school including prayers. She is always praying for her dad, grandmother and family.

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Zari has been sharing videos of her only daughter praying on social media. Recently she shared a video and captioned:

Good night my bibi, praying for you🙏 and my skwiiish be like… pray pray pray @princenillan

Diamond Platnumz was mesmerized and he commented on Tiffah’s message by saying that he loves his children.

Praying for you guys as well.. Papa loves you so much.

A social media user trolled Zari, claiming that she was the one praying in the video and not her kids but this did go well with the businesswoman. She savagely responded to her troll.

Zari Hassan

The mother of five through her Snapchat told off her critics especially those who follow her on Instagram using pseudo accounts.

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Zari has advised those who don’t like what she posted to keep off her page instead of commenting bullsh*t.

Good morning, let’s get this straight. I don’t entertain bullsh*t in real life. I don’t see why I should on the gram with strangers. This morning 300 people didn’t make the cut from my 4M. Adios. Come with a fake page next time and stay humble.

She revealed that she had blocked more than 300 people yesterday and was ready to block more if they don’t comply with her rules.

Am not being petty but you don’t like a person, their posts, their life makes you sick. Why follow huh?Why are you creating high blood pressure for yourself? I haven’t hit that button in a while but today was my bday. I enjoyed it. Have a lovely day.

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