Bei ya unga imepanda! That we all know. But some Kenyans truly and honestly can’t relate. And of those that can’t relate, I want to focus on their kids; rich kids.

But then it is not these kid’s fault that their parents are rich. Forget the corruption thing that has always affected this nation for a second, most politicians have been proven to produce good-looking kids. Just have a look at the list I have compiled below:

Jaba Kenyatta

He is the last born son of President Kenyatta. Every boy wants to be him while all the lasses want to be with him. Even though he keeps a low profile life, Jaba is just that guy on demand. Lets not talk of his piercing looks!

muhoho kenyatta

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Sean Andrew

He is the grandson to Former President Kibaki and without a doubt, this celebrity kid kills the ladies with his irresistible looks. Did I mention how he has a large following of female fans?

Sean Andrew 3

Andrew Kenneth

Talk of looks and brains, talk of Andrew Kenneth, son to Peter Kenneth. He ruled the Internet back in the day when his father was a presidential aspirant. It was not only the speech he delivered that left many wowed but his eye catching cuteness.


Alvin Kabogo

Kabogo has a son too…A hot one for that matter. This rich kid flosses around with his father’s money. Check him out!

kabogo son

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Klein Kalonzo

Klein is Former deputy Kalonzo Musyoka’s son and without a doubt, this guy got that innocent baby face look.

kalonzo musyoka son