Zari the bosslady

Zari has told off rumormongers who’ve been spreading rumors that she was recently in Kenya to meet a ‘sponsor’.

Rumors have been going round that Zari met a city businessman and he paid thousands of shillings after spending a night together.

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In an interview with Millard Ayo, Zari dispelled the rumors and she said,

Niliona story mtu amesema ooh nilienda kujiuza Kenya. Sasa  wewe kama unadhani mimi hapa nimefika wa kujiuza na wewe ni mwanamke halafu unatamani maisha yangu, kwanini na wewe usijiuze? [I saw a story doing rounds that I went to Kenya to sell myself. If you’re a woman and thinking that and you admire me, why can’t you do it as well?]

Ooh sijui kapewa dollar elfu ishirini for one night.  [You claim I was given Sh2 million for a night.] Market yourself so that your honeypot can also be worth 20,000 dollars. There’s nothing like me selling myself for. I went to Kenya for work.

Akothee and Zari are organizing a Women’s Conference, where women will share their life experiences as well as empower each other.

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 Zari in white

If I’m seen with a man I’m dating them. Also, a fake story about me ‘confessing my love’ for Governor Mike Sonko has been going round. Right now anyone who wants to be relevant they are using my name to trend,’ SHE SAID.


i’VE NEVER MET HIM (Sonko) AND I Don’t know him. I recentlly learnt that he was Primrose’s hubby.(the woman who invited me for the Purple concert in Kenya last true). aLL THOSE rumors are not true.

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