dj mo
DJ Mo chilling next to his Range Rover

Imitation is said to be the sincerest form of flattery but to the millennials, however, it is just you swagger jacking. And that seems to be what DJ Mo and his wife Size 8 are being accused of: Biting Nameless and Wahu’s style.
DJ Mo is not one to shy away from sharing his admiration of his wife or celebrating her wins aswell as declaring his love for her. However, recently when he did the same thing to try and get people, or rather his fans, to watch Ebru TV as his wife was being interviewed on Tonight Live hosted by Dr. Ofweneke.

The internets went ballistic as everyone begun taking digs at DJ Mo for his alleged lack of originality. And all I can think of other than the fact that love is a myth and marriage a simps game that usually has no upside for men is that perhaps DJ Mo looks up to Nameless and Wahu’s relationship and marriage and aspires to it.

Anyway, this is how things transpired:

Joseph Kamugi Sherrif: copying nameless theatrics

Charity Munyoki: Oooh mmeanza kucopy nameless na wahu

Keith Keit: Amekopi nameless vle yee hudai wahu amevaa blablabla. Be original. No hard feelings thougj

Wendy Wendy: Cyprian, Is Nyakundi come and fight for DJ MO [topa de top dj]]

Agnes Jori’s: You share more than a sweater punguza feelings😂😂😂😂

Grace Muriithi: Copying Nameless

Vero Sonni Muthoni: Be original stop copy pasting nameless tings

Sherry Kigo: Pulling out Nameless/Wahu challenge ..😂😂😂 Napita tu

Njoki Mwangi: You have now become Nameless and Wahu… lol

Karinah Sam: Boy child ako shida

Ruth Exodus: This is for Nameless and Wahu please try something else

Cate Mwendwa: Ati Co’s you saw Nameless posting the same thing lol

Marie Jones: I saw it with Nameless the same thing

Rowzie Wambui Rowzie: Naona Wahu amefunza Size 8 kuvaa nguo za hubby😂😂😂. #KilaMtuAvaeNguoZake😅😅😅
Pauline Macharia: Nameless n wahu

Janejaniq Shkoh: Hahaa wacha kuibia nameless….

Sally Mwamba: Sa tuseme mnacopy the mathenge’s😉😉😉😉

Mercie Phyló Kami: Copycats😏😏

Lynne Arwa: Hii ni challenge ama?#namelesschallenge

Jackson Mwambia: Ati Nameless-Wahu challenge