Larry Madowo was replaced by Amina Abdi on their Friday night entertainment show. Madowo has now come out to congratulate the lass, days after she made her debut.

But that did not go well with the his fans.

The Siaya man shared a sexy photo of the two as they enjoyed the moment in a recent event the two had attended.

“I’m so stoked to welcome amina as the new host of the trend live. I’ve known her for a long, long time and I’m so proud of her. She and the team will do great things, trust me,” Madowo wrote

Kenyan TV Viewers Threaten Larry Madowo, ‘Apologize To The General Public Within SEVEN Days Or Else…’

Fans have yet again urged Madowo to walk down the aisle with anyone…As long as its a woman. I mean he just hit the big 3-0 and evidently, he’s not getting any younger.

When it comes to social media, fans could not help it but cry on his behalf, asking him to simply get his own ‘Nyako’.

ignatiusalusa: Basi hata larry chukua huyo uoe. Weka yeye kwa nyumba

j.r_rosco said Wee hujachoka na kupose na mabibi za watu.

memedealerke: I have not read the post but congratulations on your engagement…

Brian Otieno: You should welcome her to your house too.

Omondi Moses: Larry please stop swelling our head pile u r are letting us down, u r behaving like my Luyha watchman friend who normally post pictures of himself guarding different high class banks like Barclays, KCB, Standard chartered, CBK but hana ata ka m-shwari account. Just get a single mother of four pls amend ur life

Coolbrown Ashley: Luo Bae Unapenda kukaa karibu na waschana lakini hautaki kuoa,

Steve Wa Macharia : 😂so many ladies and still you cook for yourself!! 😀 or you don’t know that sweet potatoes are found beneath the surface?? 😀

Prince Jerry: Ee mwenyezi mungu, twakuomba siku ya leo ya kwamba ufungulie huyu kaka yetu macho ya ndani ili aweze kuonekaniwa na msaidizi na mpenzi wake…naomba nkiamini kwa jina lako takatifu Amina…and we say Amen…

Vicky Odhiambo Mbetu: Larry,i understand you bro… the picture you have with ladies are so loaded in your gullery that choosing makes your fore-head hairs disapper in athin space of air… you’re like sijui nichukuwe Amina…aaaa hapana.You think those ladies you take photos with smile becoz they are happy… no no no,you’re wrong about that at the back of their mind they be like… “na huyu ni nini na yeye anaoa lini haoni zilizopendwa”

D’isutza Eph: Nah’m Buda yaani ulisema ubachelor tano tena hata waende supreme court umeresist kuoa

Antony Anto: I am told she belongs to someone else but stealing is allowed here. I mean she has come to you come to her too

Cherono Marindany: Larry Madowo let me save you the torture of cyber bullying si unioe hii story iishe

Happiness B Bethsheba: Na ivi Larry haunanga feelings..unawagusagusa lkn wapi..ama ni mistari hauna .. atleast enda na uyo achana na story ya trend ala!

Mohammed TheBishop: Larry unatuangusha sisi kama wanaume.. Wewe kila wakati nikuwekwe friendzone hakuna demu anaeza kunoki? Kwani ulifanyia nini Mungu??