Eric Omondi and Shakilla

Eric Omondi has finally opened up about his Wife Material show saying it was scripted. The reality show, which featured nine women who competed to become the comedian’s wife, was not real.

‘AND THE OSCAR🏆 GOES TO @i.am_shakilla 👏👏👏👏😎😎😎…On to the next one. BIG TYME ENTERTAINMENT ERIC OMONDI STUDIOS. DISCLAIMER: Wife Material was a choreographed and Scripted Entertainment show,’ he posted.


‘I want to take this opportunity to THANK YOU from the bottom of my heart for supporting the show #WifeMaterial My heartfelt gratitude to all the ladies who participated in the show. I LOVE YOU GUYS and APPRECIATE YOU SOO MUCH🙏🙏🙏🙏. We did this show to give you just a small taste of what BIG TYME ENTERTAINMENT and ERIC OMONDI STUDIOS has in store for you. Our VISION and MISSION is to offer WORLD CLASS ENTERTAINMENT. #WifeMaterial was just a tip of that ICEBERG. Wife Material has brought forth the rebirth of @bandbeca and Introduced us to 9 Amazingly beautiful Women with soo much potential.’

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In some of the episodes, Eric Omondi exchanged saliva with some of the contestants, leaving many tongues wagging.

Eric kissing Carol

Reactions include;

maina_edwins But it never added value either way…. The president should do better 👑👑

_.skookie Nyinyi hizi jokes zenu siku hizi nooo😂😂😂

paulohunnid so carol si bibi ata😂

Peter Mwaura Na unamumunya someone’s future wife like that🤔U joke alot

guyohalkish Tulikuwa tunajua stoopid

fridah_kairanya Stop kissing gals for comedy is not fair that using them 😂

worldboss0fficial Clout Chasers 💀

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Omayo Clinton This nigga decided to use ladies ivo tu… anyway Karma is doing her thing…

Samuel Thuku Fornication fornication is what it is

Ann Omondi Lemi hope the kisses were scripted too

Steven Winword We are very wise Kenyans don’t think we never knew. We just watch people fooling us

Athman Muhammad Ndaro And it was entertainment all the way hadi kwa bedroom…..when

Sammy Sam It was so fake inakaa acting tu. You need to get talented actors I grow up, I wanna be like you

Wendy Rasmussen Who didn’t know that?? A very boring scripted show. Can’t believe people watched 🤣🤣🤣, I only saw random updates pop on Instagram

Dennis Lolo What about the 100k that ringtone paid? Was it part of the script?

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