Nandy dancing with Kenyan singer

Willy Paul and Nandy have been grabbing headlines of late. From getting cozy at events to pulling seductive dances on stage, their fans are not yet convinced that the two are just ‘friends’.

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Nandy shared a photo posing with Willy Paul and referred to him as a friend who turned to be family.

Nandy and Willy Paul

My furendiiiii chaiiiiiiii thank you Men thank you a lot @willy.paul.msafi @willy.paul.msafi we are family now 🇹🇿 🇰🇪.

The Kenyan artiste, whose has since ditched gospel for secular, responded saying;

@officialnandy we’ve always been family.

Their fans still can’t buy that they’re just friends and reactions include;

bongogossip Hata kama nimarafiki ila kwasisi wazee wazamani jicholetu linaona kabisa Kama Ndugu Willy Paul anamapenzi na wewe labisaaa

sankid_tz Na bwana Mkunaji

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kayanda_og Huyu Nandy hivi unatuona sisi mafala sana

yassin_iam You’re family now, then unamtunuku mpasuo 🙌🙌🙌

gigyaimemon Yani uwongoo dhambi wew nandy unaisia na Willy Paul unaonekanaaaaa😂😂😂😂😂😂😂

Willy Paul has also shared another raunchy dance photo and their followers have reacted to it.

Willy Paul dancing with Nandy
Willy Paul dancing with Nandy

nik_the_psalmist_music Bro. Willy it’s just a matter of time, the Lord will draw you back to Him. With His mercies He will uphold u with His hands. For where can I hid from ur presence, If I say, “Surely the darkness will hide me and the light become night around me,” even the darkness will not be dark to you; the night will shine like the day, for darkness is as light to you oh Lord. (Psalm 139.7-12)

pinchesp Nyinyi vile nawaona mshanyanduana…..infact you rehersed this position time ya sekete😋😂

dave_iceprince Bwana mkunaji….hatari sana

exthermymy Wawa now days willy Paul unatisha sana sijui sasa unaelekea wapi hapo

shankaron_suleiman You people let the guy be why asking if its gospel and you know very well it isn’t..this guy has choice over his career music and we should support him rather than Criticise him. He’s a great performer and a great singer and that doesn’t make him low from his God. We will all be accountable for our own deeds so let’s stop pretending to be saints and support him🔥

Willy Paul
The two singers

mumbiceci As much as i was your fan zile days za kitambo u think you should sit down and rethink..first you escaped ile Dusit attack many people died…now you escaped the road accident…there is something here which GOD is trying to tell you but you have too much pride to even see it…..its okay to do what you love but HE is not happy..if you know you know

lindabelinda_ronney So this Nandy ndiye kapepo kalitumwa kwako na shetani ndo kakutoe kwa mungu?anyway life is full of choices n none of us is holy, it’s just that uv shown the public otherwise all people sin, each of us will carry our own cross

kuikamau_ Chapa kazi kabisaa Willy

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