A young Kenyan couple, whose wedding cost only 100 shillings – now dubbed 100 bob wedding- is currently living in dreamland!!! Or so it seems…

ITALIAN GOWN KITU GANI?! Kenyan Couple EXCITES Social Media After Holding CHEAP Wedding (PHOTOS)

The budget nuptials between 27-year old Wilson Wanjohi Mutura and 23-year-old Anne Muhonja on Sunday, January 22nd this year, took many by surprise!!

It goes into the record books as probably one of the cheapest weddings ever held in the country.

The rare occasion excited netizens to the core and the end result was not what the couple expected.

The goodies that came with the social media excitement really caught them off-guard. The two have since received surprise after surprise!

MAPENZI MOTO MOTO!! After 100 Bob Wedding, Young Kenyan Couple Receive BIGGEST Surprise Of Their Lives (PHOTOS)

Today, the humble couple, Wilson, and Anne, were picked up from their home by a well-established Kenyan tours and travel company. They were taken straight to the airport to catch their flight to a fully paid five days and four nights honeymoon in 4-star hotel at one of the most exotic leisure destinations in the world, Diani in Mombasa.

The two couldn’t hide their joy as they bid family and friends goodbye as they headed to their dream honeymoon.

A few days ago, Wilson and Anne, received tons and tons of surprises, including a fully sponsored grand wedding, video and photo shoots, the honeymoon package and start-up capital for a business among others. Blessings galore!

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