eric omondi

Eric Omondi is without a pinch of doubt one of Africa’s best comedians. Since he blew off into the limelight a bunch of years ago, Eric’s star continues to shine even brighter.

The comedian has graced some of the biggest comedy festivals and shows in Africa and beyond, rolled with the rich, high and mighty, but he still remains one of the most humble souls in the entertainment industry.

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Now, as many of ‘us’ out here continue to kulia eti hakuna pesa, Eric is breaking all financial rules. All because of L.O.V.E!!! They say love is blind and I think the popular comic has already blinded by it!

When you love somebody, you can do literally anything for them. And that’s exactly what Eric Omondi has done for his gorgeous, super sexy Italian finacee Juliet Chantal Graziola.

BARAKA TUNAZO HATUNA? Is Eric Omondi’s Girlfriend Pregnant?

Over the last few weeks, the comedian has been ‘window shopping’ for the perfect gift for Chantal. And it seems like he found it yesterday.