Rich Kids

Rich kids are lucky, they never lack anything.

Well, this year, quite a number of rich kids left us hating our lives after doing one or two things.

From Keroche Breweries heiress Anerlisa Muigai buying a watch worth 2 million to Victor Wanyama’s 25 million cars, here are the rich kids who made us feel broke by showing off their wealth.

1. Anerlisa Muigai’s shoe collection and 2 million watch


Uliza Kiatu! Rich Kid Anerlisa Muigai’s Million Bob Shoe Collection Is Worth Your Parent’s Shamba In Kamulu And Your Full Year Salary

2. Alvin  Kabogo partying like the world is coming to an end

Alvin Kabogo

3. Sean Andrew going out and looking hot effortlessly

sean andrew


4. Victor Wanyama’s 25 million car

Inakaa Ndege! More Photos Of Victor Wanyama’s Swanky 25 Million MACHINE Emerge


5. Former Zimbabwe’s President Robert Mugabe’s sons pouring champagne on expensive watches

Pesa Ina Wenyewe! President Mugabe’s Son Pours Champagne Over His 6 Million Watch (VIDEO)

Indeed money can buy anything including happiness.