Akothee is without a doubt one of the most talented female artistes in the country. From collaborating with top African artistes to producing quality videos, the mother of five has indeed proved her haters wrong.

Many thought she was just an attention seeker who would not make it in life.

From Rags To Richest: Here Is Proof That Richest Musician Akothee Lives Like A Queen (PHOTO)

Apart from her music, Akothee is a business oriented woman. She is a farmer, owns a tours and travels company and besides that, she lives life on the fast lane. She stays in super expensive mansions both in Kenya and even in Switzerland where her husband lives.

Well, Akothee who was recently in Switzerland at her hubby’s place (where she collapsed and lost her twins last month), decided to show off what she owns on the other side of the globe and just like in Kenya, she has invested.

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She posted photos flaunting her super expensive German machine and as usual, Akothee had to talk about her wealth and this is what she wrote accompanied by pictures of her expensive car

“There are alot of things that money can buy ,so don’t chase class if you don’t know the price, just buy expensive #porschesunglasses & watch people with class under your glasses, then use change to buy a glass of champagne & sip slowly,when done ,grAb your expensive german machine adjust your seat belt & roll to your palace, overtaking classy people on the same motorway, hakikisha hauna deni la mtu na maisha iko tu sawa “

Check out the photos and video of Akothee flaunting her German machine

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