Late last year, comedian Chipukeezy was exposed by one Christine Wawira and accused of lying on national TV.

In an interview with Kobi Kihara, the comedian said that a white woman helped him get in contact with his idol Kevin Hart.

Wawira came out to rubbish his claims saying she was the one who helped Chipukeezy travel to LA to meet his icon and not the white woman as he alleged. She added that she fed Chipu and even gave him a place to sleep.

Christine Wawira tells all on Chipukeezy

Christine Wawira exposes Chipukeezy vinie for being a fraudcourtesy: Christine Wawira

Posted by Biggest Kaka on Friday, October 20, 2017

Kumbe kalikuwa kanadanganya? Chipukeezy exposed for lying to Kenyans

Well, another comedian has been spotted hanging out with Christine, which has stirred mixed reactions from fans.

I’m talking about Churchill show’s David The Student.


Student is currently in LA for the ‘American Got Talent’ auditions. And yes, he got to spend time with Wawira, and fans have reacted.

mitchelldee diana: Haha so now all Kenyans wakienda majuu the first thing ni kutafuta Christine

deejay kalonje said christine wawira niko kenya my white lady 😂😂😂

cathy mutinda: mbalaa Hope he wont lie #white lady#

micker_mike: Pia me naenda majuu kesho tuchill na @christinewawira kiac ….😂😂😂😂