Wema Sepetu

Death is a bad omen according to traditional African societies and to talk about it is considered an even bigger omen a taboo even.

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Well, former Miss Tanzania Wema Sepetu is the latest celebrity to reveal her death wishes.

In a past interview with a local media, Wema Sepetu revealed that her close friend and fellow actress Aunty Ezekiel should be the first one to place a wreath on her grave.

Aunty Ezekiel

She also said that pink attractive flowers should be used to decorate her grave and be placed next to her during the viewing of her body.

“On the day of my funeral all the mourners should come looking happy and wherever my body will be placed should be well decorated and full of pink flowers that are attractive

The person that I would wish to be there with my family after my death is Aunty Ezekiel.

I would also like Aunty Ezekiel to be the first celebrity to place a wreath on my grave before any other celebrity does so,” she said.

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Other celebrities who opened up about their death wishes include;

  1. Kenneth Matiba, who asked his family to cremate him instead of giving him a state funeral.
  2. Professor Wangari Mathaai, the environmentalist who also asked her family to cremate her so as not to cut down trees to make her a coffin.
  3. Former Citien TV presenter Julie Gichuru in a touching poem, revealed that she would like to be cremated and her ashes set free in the Indian Ocean.

Below is Julie’s poem, go through

“Love, Death & Life
By Julie Gichuru

I pray that thee,
Do this honour for me… When I transcend this mortal coil,
Do not my body place in the soil.
My soul – already homeward bound,
Need not be trapped in earthly ground.


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In loincloth wrap my human form,
For I myself, will long be gone.
With thanks and praise,
Already gone.

My earthly being please set alight,
With fire bright,
Into the night;
With thanks and praise,
Before my Makers sight.

And on the Indian Ocean seas,
My ashes scatter to the breeze,
To roam,
Wild and free,
Across the lands of my ancestries.

When I transcend this life of toil,
When I shuffle off this mortal coil,
My spirit free, adventure-bound,
Will with my maker, be homeward found.”

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