Wema Sepetu

Like mentor, like mentee. American socialite Kim Kardashian has been open about getting two of her four children by using a surrogate. The decision was made following difficult and dangerous pregnancies. That’s what Wema Sepetu is thinking of doing.

“I have faith that I can carry my own child, I feel that surrogate is too westernised. Having your own child that you carry in your womb, the labour pain and birth is good.

“Maybe, I will emulate Kim Kardashian, get two of my own and two from a surrogate.”  She told dizzim online

She then addressed rumours about her womb. “I don’t have womb problems. So far so good. I thank God,” she said.

In an interview with Millard Ayo website in 2015, the Miss Tanzania 2006 revealed her longing for a child.

“I love kids and to not have my own hurts me so much. I want to have my own kids and I’d love to be called a mother, too,” she said.

“It reached a point I saw my menses and cried. I really wanted to have a kid with Nasib (Diamond Platnumz). It is done, but the truth has to be said. I was longing for that, he knows the hustle. I went from hospital to hospital and even settled on herbal medicine.”

wema sepetu

Talking about the exit of Harmonize from WCB, Sepetu wished her friend all the best.

“If God has written that he should be on top, who am I to go against that. I wish him all the best, he deserves it,” she said.

Wema Sepetu

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