Wema Sepetu

Bongo actress Wema Sepetu is finally free to make films and act once again after the Tanzania Film Board lifted a ban that was effective from October 2018.

The jubilant former beauty queen shared the good news on her Instagram page thanking the board for giving her another chance to do what she loves.

Actress,Wema Sepetu

She shared the picture above and captioned it:

Miezi sita haijawahi kuwa kipindi kirefu katika maisha yangu kama kipindi hiki nilichokuwa kwenye kifungo nilichopewa na Bodi ya Filamu Tanzania napenda kuishukuru serikali yangu ya Awamu ya Tano ya Rais John Pombe Magufuli kupitia Wizara yake ya Sanaa na Michezo pamoja na Bodi ya Filamu kwa kuweza kunipa nafasi nyingine kwenye tasnia yangu niipendayo kwa dhati na moyo mmoja…. Hakika nimejifunza mengi sana… 

Wema ,posing in a hijab

The six months ban,was implemented after she posted a racy video of her and her then ‘boyfriend’ on Instagram which went viral on social media, a move termed by the board as a disgrace.

‘Nisamehe’ Wema Sepetu begs for forgiveness over cosy video

The viral video almost caused Wema her acting career, as she was banned from making any films within the country and even though she issued an apology, it was not heeded by the board.

According to a statement that the board posted on their Instagram page, the ban was lifted on the basis of an agreement between them and the actress and that she had satisfied 75% of the requirements they had put out.

Some of the requirements stated that Wema was supposed to not engage in any acting activities, not posting explicit content and having sessions with fans and critics in order to get a sense of how people perceive her.

The action of the board serves as a warning to other artists not to share sexual or explicit content on social media or face stern action.

This is not the first time that a Tanzanian film board has taken action against artists under President Magufuli’s rule.

Diamond and Rayvanny
Diamond and Rayvanny,during the BASATA meeting

Last year,Bongo artists Diamond Platinumz and Rayvanny were banned by Tanzania’s music regulatory board, BASATA from making any music and from performing in and out of Tanzania after they defied a directive of not performing their explicit “Mwanza” song.

The actress has a case in court over the same explicit video and she is due back in court on February 22nd.