Wema Sepetu

Tanzanian actress and beauty queen Wema Sepetu believes that she was cursed by her late ex-lover Steven Charles Kanumba.

Kanumba was a bongo actor who died in 2012. Speaking during her show ‘Cook With Wema Sepetu’ the former Miss Tanzania hosted Kanumba’s mother

“He never introduced me to any other woman apart from Wema.,” said Mama Kanumba

Wema Sepetu

Sepetu was dating Kanumba before she got into a relationship with Diamond Platnumz.

Sepetu said that the late Kanumba told her that;

“You will never come to get a child with any other man”

Hadi Kifo kitutenganishe! Wema Sepetu and Diamond made a blood covenant

The emotional Sepetu said that she felt as though the late actor left a curse since she had aborted two of his pregnancies. She revealed that the first pregnancy was an agreement while she removed the second pregnancy in secret without notifying Kanumba.