Wema Sepetu

Former Miss Tanzania Wema Septu has said one of the reasons she stopped trying to conceive is because she got an infection.

Wema had traveled to India and at some point she had to stop trying as the wound would have ended up being cancerous.

Speaking recently during an interview with Clouds FM, Wema Sepetu said,

‘I’ve never had a tummy tuck like most people are saying. The reason I went to India was so that I can consult and get treatment for my fertility.

On coming back I was advised to cut on weight to increase my chances of conceiving since I have a lot of fat around my uterus that is making the process difficult.’

Wema added that some pills she was taking were the culprit to making her add weight.

The pills affected  her hormones making it hard for her to have her own children.

‘People know how I have struggled to get a baby my happiness will be complete when I get a baby.

I added weight in my struggle to get a baby, I used to take a lot of medicine that had side effects on my hormones. The side effects were adding weight.’


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