Diamond Platnumz
Diamond Platnumz in Nairobi during the lainch of his album

Diamond Platinumz is making some major strides in life. He just released an album in Kenya and the response is amazing.

What he hasn’t talked about is his relationship status with Zari. All we know that as it stands now they are over and done from the time Zari threw a black rose at him. Diamond said he will talk about his relationship status with Zari after he is done with everything to do with his album.

Zari Hassan

During an interview on Radio Citizen, he opened up to Mzazi Willy Tuva on his relationship life from the first day he ever fell in love. He said that even with his status, he has been rejected by many girls saying they are really not about the limelight kind of life.

Enyewe Zari hangetoboa! Wema Sepetu confesses her undying love for Diamond Platnumz and Wema rekindle their love

Mzazi asked him if he has ever been rejected by a girl when he was not as rich and famous as he is and then they have come crawling back now. He jumped right into it saying not once or twice.

Diamond Platnumz and Zari Hassan

Imewahi kunifanyikia mara mingi sana lakini inafika mahali nawazimia data kwa sababu wanasumbua sana


As the interview went on, Mzazi asked him when was the last time he cried over a girl or fought over a girl. He doesn’t have an encounter where he has physically fought for a girl, but he remembers shedding tears during the time he dated Wema Sepetu. We have all termed her as his one true love even when he has dated other women after her.


He narrates that day like it was yesterday. Diamond says that there was a time she made him cry so much when they were out on a date and because of all the drama that was revolving around Diamond’s life, she asked him to leave her in peace. He remembers crying so much after that statement because he really did love her. Talk about true love!


This topic raised more questions in regards to his relationship with Wema Sepetu. He was questioned about his relationship with Wema and where they stand now. Mzazi and his funny approach to this topic asked him if they (Wema and Diamond) would meet in a four-wall room, what would happen? Does he have any feelings towards her? Even just a little.

Diamond explained that they had a huge connection when they were together and the chemistry was very strong. They are now just very good friends because they are in the same line of work and above all, he respects her very much.


kulikuwa na connection siwezi kataa na chemistry ilikuwa strong sana. now we are just good friends as tuko kwa sanaa moja na tunategemeana. kuna wakati musiki inahitaji actors.Infact leo alinitext asubuhi kuniamia, dah! song yako african beauty is a nice song