It can be challenging to know how best to impress the object of your affections but these suitors certainly took the wrong approach.

Baffled women from around the world took to Reddit to share the lengths to which some men went to in a desperate bid to win them over – but these stories reveal how they were far from successful.

From catching a squirrel to painting portraits, these questionable methods should serve as a warning for anyone looking to secure a date.

A Reddit user under the handle ‘eldobhatofiok’, asked others:

“What was the cringiest thing a guy did trying to impress you?”

This question prompted a range of responses from women who told stories that varied from outlandish to creepy.

One person shared how a man had tried to demonstrate his masculinity by attempting to hunt a squirrel.
They wrote:

“He tried to catch a squirrel for me. I didn’t want the squirrel and he wasn’t successful, but I think I was supposed to be impressed by his hunting prowess.”

Others shared how creative men who attempted to woo with music and art had their efforts backfire.

One person said:

“He sang me a song he wrote and painted my portrait. It was embarrassing because I was on a date with someone else.”

One scientist wanted to impress a woman with his knowledge

Another wrote:

“First thing that comes to my mind is that a boy who memorized and recited the entire periodic table for me. I knew he had a crush on me… He started reciting the whole thing, including every element’s atomic number.”

One person shared a borderline stalker situation of someone who kept showing up each time they went to the airport. They wrote:

“Kept showing up at the airport with flowers when I arrived from a flight. I never told him my flight details”


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