Cate Rira

Cate Rira is one of the promising media personalities and according to what Mpasho has found out, this lady has had it tough…Very tough!

Rira, a young vibrant lady with not only beauty but brains, is one person we can say so far has managed to distance herself from controversies surrounding many radio personalities.
I mean, she is yet to rock the headlines for the wrong reasons.
cate rira 1

Sitazeeka! Kiss FM’s Cate Rira plans cosmetic surgery

Think you know this radio siren well? Think again. Here are things you did not know about Cate Rira:
1. Her government names are Catherine Ngarira
What innovation! Did Cate just take the letters of her last name and made them her stage name? There you have it.
2. She’s a lawyer by profession
You must be asking how in the world she landed a radio job after spending years in school doing law. Let’s just say she might have made wrong decisions but landed in the right place…Its simply called beauty, class and brains.
3. Cate is an artiste
She’s always been passionate about music started singing in primary school and even formed a band at the YWCA among other 5 people.
cate rira 2
3. She is an actress
She won the Best Actress Award Nairobi in 2008. During her hustling life, she had however started out as a model.
4.Started Working at 19
She started working at a young age of 19 years even before getting to Law School. She landed on Radio through competition against Nonny Gathoni and Lulu Saidi but had done thousands of audition before getting there. She later  worked for Big producers like Tim Rumbui and Jaaz Odongo
5. Weird Character
She was a weird kid all through her school life but has always stood out. I mean someone got to make some weird stuff to make it in this time and era!