Gospel singer Weezdom has come out to defend his honour claiming he did nothing wrong after a video video exposed their affair

Weezdom spoke to Mpasho and categorically claimed that he will sue anyone who tarnishes his good name after the salacious sex scandal made headlines.

Weezdom shades bloggers after his sex scandal makes headlines

Listen to the interview with Mpasho below.

Meanwhile,  a screenshot of Weezdom dumping Quinter, the video video has emerged.

In it he says,

“Hey Quinter I’ve been getting so many negative information about you talking ill about me. But Google my name I’ve been to so many scandals ata huwezi zimaliza na sikuisha sababu hii Dunia hakuna aliye Msafi.”

Weezdom continued, “Naeza kuwa mtenda dhambi lakini kitu hujui about mimi, Am a son of God. Nanajua Kujiombea that’s why niko tu!”

Leaked audio! Gospel star Weezdom infects video vixen with an STI (screenshots)

The gospel star signed to Bahati’s music label EMB added, “Ulinishow unaeza taka ata nikutafutie job na nikusaidie kukuandikia songs and as a friend I was to do that. But its evident your intentions are evil towards me..so whatever you want to do pliz do nitapiganiwa na Mungu na Sheria juu sina cha kukufanyia Kibaya na nishazoea wasichana kutry kunichafua.”

Defending himself further, Weezdom told Quinter in the leaked screenshot, “So through wewe nimejifunza Nisiwahi entertain mtu simjui vipoa juu for example wewe unatumiwa na shetani ilhali mimi sina issue.”

Check out the screenshot below.

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