DJ Gee Gee

Marriage is not a bed of roses and Citizen TV Bambika host DJ GeeGee has confirmed so. The father of one through his YouTube channel said no marriage is perfect and sharing his experience, he said,

I wasn’t communicating to my wife and that meant it was even harder for her. That was one of the things that made us really grow apart.

The media personality married his wife Jasmine in 2014 but four years later, they didn’t have a child yet. Jasmine narrated how on the night of their fourth anniversary they had the worst argument ever.

‘I brought up the conversation of having a baby and he said I should give him sometime to think about it. I lack patience. That when I lost it, because I was feeling I had lost my youth. I got married when I had just turned 24. I didn’t want to have kids in my 30s. I thought he don’t wanna have kids. I thought I am stuck in a childless marriage,’ she said.


After that argument, we grew further apart and we would go for two weeks without talking. I called my mum and I was like I am coming home.

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The couple welcomed their first child a few months and on May 10 during Mother’s day, the disc jockey revealed that he was with his wife in the delivery room. In appreciation post to his wife, he wrote.

After being at the delivery room with my wife like 9 months ago, I realized why the Mothers’ Day hype is huge. Mother’s go through a lot from delivery and raising up children, to all the countless motherly roles that they undertake. I am personally excited to celebrate my wife on her first Mothers’ Day celebration. Happy Mothers’Day Jasmine. You are doing an amazing job being a wife and a mother. Siku ni yako, uliza unachotaka😂 Happy Mothers’ Day to all Mother’s, mother figures, spiritual mothers, future mothers’ etc mbarikiwe sana.

They named their son Uriah, which means God is light in Hebrew.

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What if I told you that this picture here is a testimony in itself. People don’t tell you when their marriage is bleeding. People don’t tell you when they’re going through the fire in their homes. What if I told you that there was a season, a whole year where we argued every single day and we would even go 2-3 weeks at times without talking yet we were living in the same house. What if I told you that none of us were fighting for US anymore and we were ready to throw in the towel. We are recording a very honest and RAW video about the hardest year of our marriage. The why and HOW we got out of it together. Do me a favor and subscribe to our “forever the Macharias” YouTube channel. (direct link in my bio) The video will be up next week. In the meantime, have you gotten a chance to grab a copy of @parentsafrica magazine? We’ve shared abit of our story there and we hope it encourages anyone out there either trusting God for a spouse or wondering how to navigate work and marriage.

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