Word on the street is that men have finally realized the cost of weaves and wigs. They are quite expensive in case you are still not aware. The recent report on the ongoing theft in the Nairobi streets has it that they are stealing weaves.

Ladies, to avoid such embarrassments, please rock short and natural hair just like these ladies who look amazing and we must say, cute.

  1. Huddah Monroe

We love to hate Huddah but we have to admit the short hair look is a killer!

2. Grace Msalame

She recently cut her hair to mark the beginning of a new life like every other lady when set to make a change.Anyway, she looks amazingly cute.

3. Wahu Kagwi

She has had this look for a while and she always knows how to switch things up in different designs and it totally suits her!

4. Mamito

One of the few female comedians and the short hair gives more attention to her amazing neck.

5. STL

Our international Kenyan rapper knows how to rock the short hair, whether in girly attire or when pulling a tomboy look, it suits her.

6. Akothee

A mother of so many yet she still rocks the short hair that also gives her a young look.

Akothee Award

7. Emmy Kosgei

This is definitely her signature look, no Emmy with no short hair!