Ugandan artiste Weasel has moved on after losing his music partner Mowzey Radio. Speaking to Adelle Onyango on Kiss FM, the Magnetic hitmaker said:

I accepted what happened and am back in the studio recording to prove to the world that I can still go on

For more than 10 years, Radio and Weasel produced music that touched and moved millions across the world. Weasel is superstar Jose Chameleon’s younger brother.

Radio and I started as friends and later became brothers. He knew what I liked and what I did not like. So losing someone like him was so hard for me

Despite moving on, Weasel says he had to stop going out when Radio died.

It was hard to listen to songs we had done together. Everywhere I would go they would play our songs, and that would really hurt me.



Radio and wesel

At times, Weasel wishes he would get another chance to treasure the friendship they had created.

The biggest lesson I learnt after losing Radio was treasure your friends and be good because they might go forever. I regret those times he would complain that I was not picking his calls when he was still alive,Sometimes I would take life as just normal and would even travel without telling him where I was and he would complain.

However, the death of Radio united most Ugandan artistes.

When Radio was alive, artistes were fighting each other. But when he died, they all tried to come together and they no longer fight because most of them realised the importance of being united. That was a positive thing that happened

Radio And Weasal
Radio And Weasal

One highlight that puts a smile on his face when he remembers Radio is when they received their first payment of USh1 million after their first hit song, ‘Nakudata’.

Weasel is in Kenya for Coke Studio 2019.

It is my second time to be on Coke Studio. This time teaming up with other artistes and paying tribute to the fallen soldiers like Radio and other stars

He is also working on a new album that has 15 songs, as well as Radio’s album, which he left unfinished.

Mowzey Radio died at Case Hospital in Kampala. He had been admitted after reportedly being beaten into a coma in a fight at De Bar, a hangout spot in Entebbe.

Radio Mowzey
Mowzey Radio

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