Annabel Onyango Citizen

Citizen TV’s Fashion Watch Panelists Ian Mbugua, Annabel Onyango, Carol Odera and Robert Burale have become household names in the local showbiz industry. The Fashion critics who have managed to gain both ardent fans and haters are never afraid of speaking their minds.

After the crew was attacked last year by a Kenyan on social media who advised them to try focus on an agricultural show which seem to suit them, yet another man has come out to lashing at them and this time round, the critic didn’t mince his words.

Savage! Disgruntled Kenyan Man Attacks Ian Mbugua And Carol Odero (PHOTO)

“The know it all Kenyans!Wearing a mosquito net with an oversized bra!Tahidi high skirt.Funny coats with red oxided hairs combined with overgrown uncivilized beards!Don’t advise me on how to dress Pliz!”

His sentiments were also echoed by many Facebook users who also commented on the same, criticizing decorated Annabel Onyango and her crew. Below is the screenshot

Annabel Onyango