The fastest growing trend in Kenya especially Nairobi is polka dot, when you walk around town you’ll find more than twenty people trending with polka dot dresses, blouses, pencil skirts and even skinny pants. Polka dot fabrics have become the most bought fabrics in Nairobi. But how should one wear polka dots without looking turkey?

Well here are some tips you should consider next time you decide to wear polka dots:

Pair polka dots with simple accesories

Always consider wearing simple and one colored accessories for example if you wearing a white and black polka dot consider wearing a plain white or black plain bracelet or earrings.

Wear polka dots with skinny pants

Skinny Pants look really beautiful when Incorporated with polka dot. The skinny pant should have a neutral color.

Polka dot Jumpsuit

Polka dot jump suits look absolutely fabulous. They produce the classy look as well as a fun look.

Polka dot Dress

This kind of dress can be worn both in the office or on a date.It produces the girly girl in you.

Polka dot and pencil skirt

This never disappoints.

A neutral pencil skirt always brings the beauty in a woman.