Churchill and Njoro

Daniel Churchill Ndambuki is a great example of grass to grace. He has worked hard his way up the ladder to be where he is today.

Churchill, who has nurtured many talents through his popular platform Churchill Show, on Sunday during Journey series edition with Njoro of Papa Shirandua, he shared history of his journey.

Churchiil and Njoro

He revealed that his first job was acting at the Kenya National Theatre and that’s where he met Ken Gichoya aka Njoro.

Speaking to Churchill, Njoro revealed that he didn’t want to act but just do business and make quick cash.

‘Tunarehearse, tunaudition you’re not doing that. wewe unataka kufanya biashara. Niikuwa nashinda ni nini mbaya na huyu kijana,’ Churchill recalled.

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The Godfather of Kenyan comedy went ahead to reveal the first salary he earned.

‘Tulikuwa tunalipwa Sh300 per day/show,’ he said.

Churchiil and Njoro

The father of three, who’s known for his witty character from Papa Shirandula dramedy, revealed that he made a lot of money more than the actors at the theatre.

‘ni hesabu.. nikiuza sweets nilikuwa napata Sh3,000 nani ako mbele? Nilikuwa kila show. Wewe nipatie role extra na uinilipe,’ he bragged.


‘The students loved me because of  my humour. There’s a time Erick NDUNGU, NOW AN mca FOR UTHIRU CAME To compete with me but hakutoboa. Alikuwa analeta his 10 cousins to sell sweets but they never used to make money like I did. After shows unawakuta huko nyuma wakiushiwa mbona mtu mmoa anawashinda. I made a lot of money and that’s the money I bought diapers, clothes, paid for maternity services for my secondborn after she was born.’

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