sauti sol Vs King Kaka

Sauti Sol has for the longest time been working with Cedo, the guy who is behind all the major hits at Pacho Ent and Nyashinski’s resurgence.

So it came as a shock to many when it emerged that he had decided to end his collaboration with Sauti Sol.

And as always, we gatchu. Our very own Uncle Chim Tuna reached out to Sauti Sol’s Bien who revealed that they already have a new band and it was all because wanted a younger team. Or is Nyashinski the cause?

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“The reason why Cedo stopped working with us is not because of Nyashinski. We just got a new band younger kids.”

And yes, the new guys are cheaper.

“We just got a new band. We thought it would be easier And cheaper for us guys as a business. They are younger and more hungry. Even Cedo wants to do his own things”

The Kuliko Jana singer goes on to say that their good relationship with Cedo is still on

“But we are still friends.”

Here is an exclusive phone conversation: