It takes a strong man to concede defeat. It is a mark of maturity and good sportsmanship.

Last night, McDonald Mariga conceded defeat in the Kibra by-election.

He did it in the most personal of way, by making a phone call to his biggest opponent, Imran Okoth of ODM.

In a recorded video, Mariga was seen saying, “Ni Mariga, nimepiga nikuambie congratulations. Kura imekua poa hatujapigana, meeting tulikuwa pamoja na pia niko ready for lunch. (I have called to congratulate you, the race was peaceful we haven’t fought and I am ready for a lunch date.)”

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Rufftone and Mariga

Mariga went on to add,

“After the election, we should go back to our past life and strengthen our friendship. I will offer you maximum support,” Mariga said.

Watch Mariga making the phone call in the video below.

Niko ready tukule lunch when unataka – Mariga

Listen to Mariga's phone call to Imran conceding defeat

Posted by Mpasho News on Thursday, November 7, 2019

Imran acknowledged his congratulatory message in a tweet.

He wrote, “I’m humbled to have received a congratulatory call from @MarigaOfficial. That’s the spirit of politics. I promise to move forward with every interested party for the good of our people. God bless Kibra.”

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Imran Okoth

So far, provisional results indicate that Imran is taking an early lead.

Speaking to Citizn TV, Imran said, “I knew from the beginning that we were to win this seat. I am happy. Last night I received a call from McDonald Mariga congratulating me…For the people of Kibra, we have many social issues to address. That will be my focus.”

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