On Sunday, a Nation Journalist was arrested and his whereabouts unknown. Walter Menya wrote a story about the Friends of Jubilee Foundation through which senior civil servants are illegally participating in the campaigns.


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Nation Media Group, through a spokesman, said the circumstances surrounding Menya’s arrest were unclear and they were waiting for further information from the police.

His brother, Dennis Menya is worried.

“We’re unable to trace Walter Menya in police stations in Nairobi. We’re asking Boinnet to produce our brother,” he wrote on his Facebook page.

The Kimathi Street based media house released a press statement saying, “Nation Media Group wish to confirm that one of its senior editors attached to Sunday Nation Mr. Walter Menya was this morning arrested for reasons we are not clear about. We are actively seeking facts from the investigating authorities to enable us to take appropriate action.
We wish to reaffirm our commitment to press freedoms and zero tolerance on any unethical behaviour in accordance with our editorial policy. We request quick clarification on the facts surrounding Mr. Menya’s arrest and thank all our readers and stakeholders for their continued loyalty and support.”

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Respected Kenyan editor reacted to the news saying,

“Walter Menya has reported dangerous and important stories some people would have paid millions to kill before. That he is arrested on Sunday when courts are not open for allegedly soliciting a Sh50,000 bribe is an insult to our intelligence. Police can do better if they really mean to frame and defame somebody.”


183578_10150104621032939_6970412_nHere are other reactions from Kenyans.

Alfred Orek: Where is Galana? The editor who once dressed down Uhuru Kenyatta like a nursery boy who has failed to do his homework! This are the journalist that can bring change to the nation.

Elias Kim Karanu: Mr Kuria has always pointed out the ills with the current form of press, which the press demonises. Media is simply a rot, however innocently we want to sugar-coat it.

Franko Hidago Ac: They will not intimidate us..as media fraternity we must be treated with dignity of high level ,the constant harassment should be put to a stop..this not a request but a demand.

Jackson Mwangi: Yes freedom with responsibilities…hii Kenya sio ya mama yenu…we are busy dividing Kenyans as media..we allow politicians to air their rhetorics and we dont cut their voice.

Tony Mbara: Media you support this government, sasa mnalialia nini.Since they invited you for tea at statehouse have suffered. That cup of tea was very expensive.

Maggie Marikah Kwabena: Nation Media must not be intimidated or silenced by a few people with political interests. You must fight fire with fire. Post bail and let them prosecute him. I stand with you Nation. These are not the black days of Moi when the media had to sing baba…

Edu Sheruu: but earlier you told us he was arrested because of the civil servants story. now you have changed position and you saying its for reasons you are not clear about. save us the confusion, soliciting for bribes is wrong. we enjoying watching nation media self destruct ?

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Solmon Mmburunga: corruption and extortion is the order of the day in media, government n private sector. No wonder the headlines in papers are always biased.

Joel Okello: Dictatorship…gagging the media is what they are now doing

Dave Githu: This goverment has been trying to control and intimidate the media from the beginning, what a shame.

Wakurya Kiprotis Wilfred: I’m looking for Raila’s name in this post and there’s none. It’s boring without Raila yawa!