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Zack Opondo was publicly humiliated after a Kenyan woman hired goons to throw him out of the house they shared in one of the leafy suburbs in Nairobi and Kenyans can’t keep calm.

Some have come out to their stories of either being kept or being the keepers.

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The abuses were crazy.

‘I am one of men and after seeing the video I am on transit to Kisii. I was being kept by a woman in Kisumu.’

*Kendi shared,

‘For two years I lived with a man in a house I have built. He had no job and he would lie very much.

After I broke up with him I met another man came into my life and he was still the same.

He told me he had lost his job and was trying to get a grip on his life, he stayed in my house for 1 and a half months.

All he wanted was to lazy around the house, such men do exist.’

*Racheal also narrated on how she unwillingly kept a man

‘He came with a bag for a sleep over. The next day he went to work and then came back with an even bigger bag.

He stayed for 6 months. My colleagues would ask me to throw him out.

I would even doze off at work as he was always keeping me busy between the sheets but having him in my house was not worth it.

He would complain about anything and everything.

One day I just woke up and told him to leave my house, and he had even refused to leave.’

Have you ever kept a man in your house? If yes how did it end up?

Check out a video of Zack Opondo being thrown out

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