Size 8 and DJ Mo

DJ Mo and Size 8 are a good example of the modern couple. Thier relationship is no different from others. They fight and have ups and downs. Their relationship isn’t perfect and have always admitted it.

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The couple has a big jar in their house, where they write their problems on pieces of paper and drop them there to solve the issue later.

On the first episode of their Dine with the Murayas, they talked about dry spell. Size 8 complained about her husband denying her conjugal rights.

‘Tumekaaa three weeks hatujahave sex kwa hii nyumba. Fault ni yako. Nikikupigia simu you’re busy with your boys. [Its bee three weeks since we had sex and it’s your fault]. You can’t be busy working and deny me my conjugal rights Huyu msee angekuwa ananifanyia job venye anafanya huko nje si hapa kwa hao si tungkuwa sawa,’ said Size 8.

Dj Mo while defending himself said,

Unajua pia wewe sometimes nikikuja hme umevaa tshirt ya seng’eng’e..

‘Sasa fault ni yangu? Size 8 interjected. ‘Mo umeona ile issue unaeza ekelea ni tshirt pekee yake. Hauko serious. Tafuta venye tutasolve hii issue.’

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The couple called their pastor who came with his wife to counsel them.

‘We always have problems and our main problem, for now, is dry spell. I want you to talk to him,’ the mother of two told her pastor.

Explaining why he hasn’t been having lungula with his wife, the disc jockey said,

Unajua maboys saa zengine unaingia kwa nyumba umechoka, unapata amevaa tshirt na unakosa psyche. So yenye anaanza kuongea vile ako dry spell, simshughulikii…

His pastor, a father of four advised him to understand her, encourage her and used himself as an example to drive the point home.

Sio nyinyi pekee yake mko na hizo shida. Even us during our first stages of marriage I used to have dry spell. Everyime I ask her for sex she would say she has a headache. These things happen in marriage and as a couple, you have to come up with a strategy. Every woman has a g-spot and you have to discover your wife’s.

He added that,

You have to prepare/marinate her from morning for sex [at night] not just jumping on her.

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On the other hand, the pastor’s wife, who was in the kitchen with Size 8 told her

‘His [her pasyor hubby] demand was too high. we would have sex every time.

The Mateke singer responded saying,

Kitu hunibore na Mo he’s very busy. He comes home late. Sometimes when he comes when I’m asleep I can’t wake up.  I gave birth (a few months ago) and I’m breastfeeding, how will I wear lingerie?

The women joined the men for dinner where they extended their conversation and Dj Mo still insisted that the seng’eng’e t-shirt puts him off.

‘Kwa hivo ni tshirt. Me sijacomplain huogi…’ Size 8 SAID.

The pastor’s wife advised them to be faithful in God. ‘Spiritually, prayer and putting everything in God’s hand helps other things,’ she said.

The pastor concluded by saying,

We believe from today your marriage will be good.

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