Gengetone group Carty Gang Ent has come out to deny that they are involved in luring teenagers to “sex parties”.

Detectives from the Directorate of Criminal Investigations (DCI) over the weekend started investigating an online cartel that has been luring high school girls from their homes for partying orgies that go on for days.


“Preliminary investigations by the DCI have established the girls were lured out of their homes through a social media account named Carty-gang-ent. The cartel has been using internationally-registered telephone numbers, although they operate from Nairobi.

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DCI noted,

“A number of worried parents from Nairobi’s Kayole and Komarock reported to us that their daughters had gone missing from home for days. The parents only reported their daughters were missing after they failed to go home several days later.”

The statement continued, “While being interrogated by detectives attached to DCI’s Anti-Human Trafficking and Child Protection Unit and the Crime Research and Intelligence Bureau, the young girls revealed how they were lured from their home and linked up in partying joints in Nairobi.”

“The DCI wishes to inform the public that we are hunting down members of the cartel and they’ll be apprehended to answer for their crimes. The DCI further warns parents to take a keen interest in their children’s activities at home and on social media networks.”

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Carty Gang came out to deny any involvement in the case of the 7 teenagers who disappeared and later returned home days later.

They said in a statement posted on Twitter and Instagram,

“Honestly, Carty Gang is just a music group and not related to all the scam involving shipping kids.”

Carty Gang

The Gengetone crew have even had to change their name form Carty Gang Ent to Carty Gang Family.

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