Lake Nakuru Chopper Crush

It is a sad season for the families and friends of two helicopter crash victims are still camping at Lake Nakuru, praying the bodies of their loved ones will be retrieved.
They are receiving grief counselling.

It’s one month since the crash took place. Still missing are Nakuru Senator Susan Kihika’s bloggers Sam Gitau and John Mapozi.

They were among five people aboard the chopper, including blogger Antony Kipyegon, pilot Apolo Malowa and Kihika’s friend Veronica Muthoni.

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All five were killed. The helicopter was pulled from the water on Friday. No bodies were in the fuselage.

Lake Nakuru Chopper Crush

“We have been camping at the lake shore since the crash happened, hoping our loved ones will be rescued. We are helpless. We can only wait and see if the recovery will be successful,” William Mwangi, Gitau’s father, told the star.

He said he had lost his only son, a pillar of his extended family. Gitau was the first born in a family of four.

This is the last post by John Mapozi that also has Sam Gitau in it. It was captioned, “#SystemYaFacts Digital Team…See you in Kericho, Molo Town, Nairobi for the Mashujaa Day and at Afraha, Nakuru for the final Jubilee Rally!”

Sam Gitau and John Mapozi

The two haven’t been found yet. The wreckage, which was 70 per cent intact, was 2.44km from the western end of the lake and was about 5.4m deep.

The bodies of Apollo Malowa and Kipyegon were retrieved in October 23. Muthoni’s body was retrieved on Friday. The recovery of Muthoni’s body rekindled hopes that the remaining two will also be found.

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The search has involved more than 40 divers, including the Sonko Rescue Team, the Kenya Navy, Kenya Police, Kenya Wildlife Service, Kenya Forest Service and divers from Naivasha.

Director Charles Owino of the National National Disaster Operation Centre said they were following crucial leads to find the bodies.

He said searchers have zeroed in on the area where two bodies and Mapozi’s clothes were discovered.

Here are photos of the personal effects that were retrieved from the search.

Lake Nakuru Chopper Crush Lake Nakuru Chopper Crush Lake Nakuru Chopper Crush Lake Nakuru Chopper Crush Lake Nakuru Chopper Crush Lake Nakuru Chopper CrushHere are some reactions to the news of the search.

Okoth Awuor: OMG! You mean to say some of the bodies havent been retrieved all this long? Words could not possibly describe the excruciating pain that the affected bereavef families are suffering! In these circumstances it is best that one imagines what it would feel like if my family was one of the families still camping at the lakeshore waiting for their loved ones! Also, @Joe, all factors considered, you and i know that our own kids could easily have been on that chopper, hence deep empathy with the families mourning the loss of their children in this accident.

Jackie Arkle: Ok. Not a very nice post Joe as it’s a bit insensitive to the family . If it were my child who had been involved in this crash, I wouldn’t want to read “eaten by animals” and personal effects found. Please be conscious that this is social media and people are hurting. Thank you.

Essy Mukua: This crushes my heart. John Mapozi, where are you?? So many unanswered questions,God give us answer’s please 😔😔😥😥

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