Anne Waiguru's mum

Anne Waiguru’s mum has spoken out about her son-in-law.

Speaking to from Kiamugumo Primary School where the ngurario is ongoing, she said,

“I am Mary Njeri Nyamu and I am Anne Mumbi’s mother. We have come here because it is Mumbi’s Ngurario ceremony by Kamotho Waiganjo so that she becomes his wife.”

Adding, “We have accepted. Especially, me as Mumbi’s mother I have embraced Waiganjo. Anne Mumbi Nyamu is my 3rd born. And Nyamu is her late father. I am very happy. God gave me one son and now I have another one called Kamotho Waiganjo. “

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Anne Waiguru's mother and brotherShe continued, “So I am very happy. We have accepted him with both hands as the entire family. We can never do anything bad to him.”

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Here is how the VIP area looks like.

So far, Waiganjo has shown up for the ceremony that is ongoing. Here is the video of Waiganjo arriving at the ceremony.

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