Last night at 8 pm major roads were blocked in what was reportedly a curfew enforcement exercise by the police.

While many motorists remained stranded along Thika Road. Some essential services providers such as ambulances were also having a hard time manoeuvring through the snarl-up.

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One Kenyan also caught up in the roadblock was the father of one who was rushing the child to the hospital.

In the video the parent of the sick baby says,

“We are going to the hospital, Getrudes out baby is sick but we are stuck here for two hours,” he told a curious onlooker.

Media personality Carol Radull tweeted about the roadblock saying,

“Thika Road is like a bad movie. Imagine essential workers caught in that traffic; kids and sick people caught in that traffic. Two wrongs don’t make a right.”

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Kenya Human Rights Commission added,

“It’s unconscionable that thousands of Kenyans have been prevented from reaching their homes in the pretext of curfew enforcement. There is no excuse for punishing civilians because the government has failed to respond to the challenges facing Kenyans due to imposed restrictions.”

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