Khali-and-petra on the cover

Petra looks like life is getting better since her days of Fimbo Ya Tatu. She is now working with Khaligraph Jones on many projects and she says it all began with a friendship bond and now they are ready to work together. Their first song, Rider seems to be doing quite well seeing as it has received massive radio play.

Khaligraph Jones and Petra

What caught our attention more was the fact that these two ate raw liver all for the views, guys! Chito asked her on his Maloko show and she confessed that they actually ate raw meat and it was spicy.

Haya ni mapepo! Khaligraph Jones and Petra eat a raw heart and liver

Khaligraph Jones

What comes to my mind is how many takes they had to shoot to achieve this single shot. She actually said it wasn’t that bad as compared to other disgusting things she has eaten before during the truth and dare games back when she was growing up.

Now what Petra forgot to do that we hope Khaligraph did is de-worm.

All in all the song is lit! Anything for views, I mean look at Eric Omondi’s latest stunt.