Bongo superstar Mbosso is quarantining just like any other person during this coronavirus pandemic.

The ‘Hodari’ hitmaker said in an interview with a Tanzanian Vlog SnS that he has lost millions in business due to the pandemic.

The singer has had to forgoe some of the shows that he was going to perform at. He said that he lost about 80 t0 100 million Tanzanian shillings

I had shows that I was supposed to be performing at. I also had a tour in France. All these was supposed to be done in April. They were almost paying me but right now things are at a standstill.

The bookings have been cancelled and I have lost between 80 to 100 million (Ksh 3.6 million to Ksh 4.5 million)

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Previously Diamond had announced that he lost about 3 billion Tanzanian shillions which is about Ksh 137 million.

Mbosso got signed under WCB in 2018 after exiting boy ground Ya Moto Band.