You see them in music videos with palm trees swaying in the background. You fancy having one of those fast Lamborghinis — not the old washed out ones…but the latest versions. Well, there’s always a way to achieve the impossible. Not all dreams are lofty. You could be the first Kenyan to own the last Lamborghini model!

First, you need to forge a calculated move. How will you even get the status? Seemingly hard task right?

Worry no more.

There’s 105M shillings to be won in this week’s Sportpesa MEGA Jackpot by simply predicting a list of 17 games correctly! With all that money, you don’t need to buy a Lamborghini — these supercars are expensive. You just have to be smart and invest; start a huge business. Here’s a success tip in business ventures; do not do what everyone is already doing. Try your best to stand out.. Never go into saturated industries.

Within a few years, you’ll have enough money to buy the Lamborghini you want. Thereafter, live a happy life with assurance that you’ll never go broke!



To play in this week’s Sportpesa MEGA Jackpot, visit the Sportpesa Website for more details. You also stand to be rewarded for correctly predicting 13, 14, 15 and 16 games correctly. All it takes is your will to play.

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