It is sad to see how people have become vicious and violent even towards their own blood. Husbands turning against their wives, children turning against their parents and vice versa.

Human Or Animal? Father Burns Daughter For Eating Her Brother’s Food

This time round, it’s a sad revelation of a mother in Runogone village in Meru who went to the extent of burning her 13-year-old daughter with a hot machete (panga).

The young girl, whose name has been withheld, was allegedly burned on the hands, face and thighs and had to be rushed to Meru Referral and Teaching Hospital, where she is now admitted.

The reason behind the evil act is even more disturbing. Apparently, the girl was being punished for undergoing an alternative rite of passage, instead of the loathed female genital mutilation.

The alternative initiation was organised by the St Joseph Catholic Church and SOS in Meru, and the victim was in a group of 137 girls aged between 13 and 16 who attended the four-day event.

St Joseph Catholic Church in Meru,
St Joseph Catholic Church in Meru,

At the event, the girls were educated on their health and the need to avoid harmful cultural practices such as female genital mutilation (FGM), which is rampant in parts of Meru.

According to a social worker at SOS, the ruthless mother tied up the class seven pupil with a rope and proceeded to burn her with the hot machete and then locked her inside the house.

She was saved by her 10 year-old sibling who untied her and helped her raise the alarm which attracted a neighbor.

The mother has been on the run since then and police are looking for her. So sad indeed!

The hospital’s Chief Executive Officer, asked parents to respect rights of their children;

We are saddened by the event, because it is a step backwards. We want to see a situation where parents and other members of a right-thinking society do not infringe on the rights of children.

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