Willy ako possesed na nini? Willy Paul and Bahati have been friends for the sake of the screen, just to show fans that there is no bad blood.

It seems like they have been fooling fans all along. And yes, the two are always competing. In the recent post, Pozze has been seen in studio with Dj Creme, doing what he does best….producing club bangers!

Hii Beef Imekarangwa Na Vitungu! Willy Paul Declared The Winner Against Bahati By Kenyans!

Willy wrote what seemed to be a missive directed to the Machozi hit maker;

willy paul

‘Watalia hawa watu wakulialia”

We all know that Baha, has been associated with releasing songs that many say are emotional, making him get dubbed as the ‘Cry Baby.’ So, have Willy Paul and Bahati fallen out?

Kijana Amepewa Kichapo Cha Mbwa! Willy Paul Savagely Beats Bahati After He Called Him His Sister

Their beef started with Willy Paul being accused of stealing Bahati’s song Mpenzi. It did not end there, Bahati would go ahead to say that Willy Paul was among those that were planning to kill his career.

KUMEWAKA MOTO! Bahati Refers To Willy Paul As His FAVOURITE SISTER During Live Interview, Claims He Loves Her (VIDEO)

These two drove fans back and forth with their reconciliation at Groove being the one that minimized their drama. It seems that the beef is back again. Bahati and Willy Paul might be bringing their long standing bad blood back.