Elizabeth Auma Ngesa was born in Nakuru County. She narrates how her in-laws pushed her to bizarre witchcraft rituals that eventually killed her twins.

I first got pregnant when I was in form two and I had to drop out. Then I went to live with my auntie for 11 months who later passed on

After the burial of her beloved auntie, her life took a turn for the worst. He had no one to rely on.

Eventually, she met someone. After a few months she got pregnant again but with twins this time.


When she was 6 months pregnant her in-laws lied to her that her mother in law had died.

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That was the only way of getting her to go back home. Unbeknownst to her, she was tricked into engaging in a bizarre ritual involving a witch doctor and black hen.

Her mother-in-law wasn’t dead.


The next day after my husband left my in laws asked me to enter some iron sheet house. When I entered we sat there with my sisters and mother in law and a witch. There was also a basin with green water, a bunch of money, a white bed sheet and a black chicken.

Elizabeth asked them why they had taken her to a witch.

Because our mother is a drunkard and someone had called to say she was dead yet she wasn’t, we’ve decided to come and help her and as her daughter in law its good you stay here.

The witch later took a razor blade and cut her hair and nails then fed them to the black chicken.

After cutting my hair, the witch asked the black chicken to open its mouth gave it to eat. Later she cut my nails and did the same and asked me to spit in a bowl then gave it to the chicken to drink.

Elizabeth thought the same would be done to her in-laws but nothing happened.

When she asked why she was told that it was because she was the wife to the youngest and only son who had married.

Later they were all given ash to lick. Afterwards, they left and went back home.

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The next day when she was cooking, something strange happened to her. She randomly started shivering and shaking and fell down.

In addition, she started bleeding and was rushed to the hospital.


Immediately I got to the theater, I started feeling labour pains I told the head doctor I was feeling like the baby was coming.The doctor then stopped the surgery and asked me to be taken back to the ward.

At around 10:30pm she delivered the first boy who started screaming and crying.

After delivering the boy, yellow liquid started flowing from my body and the nurses ran away since it was very bizarre and 5 mins later, the second child came out but she didn’t cry. My children were then labelled and taken to the nursery.

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The next day, the weird thing that had happened to her in the house started again.

I started shaking like an epileptic person. The doctors came in running to tell me that my son was also shaking in the incubator and became so stiff and he died the next day.The next day as I was preparing milk for the girl,the cold came again and I started shaking again. Little did I know that it was also happening to my daughter.The doctor came and gave me the same report that my daughter had died after shaking so much.

The doctor asked her what had happened in the house before she went to the hospital because what had happened was so bizarre.

This is because the incubators had so much heat and they couldn’t understand why the twins were shaking that much and turned pale yellow before they both died.

Her in-laws told me to leave the children in the hospital. This was because they couldn’t afford the burial expenses.

Later, when she was sleeping, she got dreams from her children asking her to bury them for they were in a bad place.

Her husband had then became a drunkard. Hence, they couldn’t have a conversation or even carry on a relationship.

He was abusive.


“He used to tell me to sleep with my sons. Because he couldn’t sleep with me.”

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Later she moved out and was housed by barmaids at a shopping centre. In return, she used to wash and cook for them.

Elizabeth tried to get help from the spiritual forces that haunted her from all the wrong places. There is no preacher she hadn’t been introduced to. But nothing worked for her.

In conclusion, she had a dream of God speaking to her.

Elizabeth! Elizabeth my daughter, I’m God the father your creator and I’ll save you. The home you’re married in is full of darkness and you’re my light. I will use you to bring light in this home and all your children will shine in this home

Revelations finally started coming to her and asked her to forgive her in-laws.

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