Daddy Owen. photo credit: Instagram/Daddy Owen

Daddy Owen has been on the down low in terms of his music career considering the peak he had gained in his career. He had an interview with Adele and Shaffie where he talked about his new song. His new song, Mungu Yupo was written by Bien of Sauti Sol and he confessed that he has worked with Sauti Sol for a while. Joking about his old age, he mentioned that Delvin (Savara) of Sauti Sol, Alice Kamande and Size 8 were his dancers.

Daddy Owen
Daddy Owen. photo credit: Instagram/Daddy Owen

Daddy Owen said that when they were starting up in their music career, they asked him to help them with their music career. He said that he could not understand the type of music they wanted to do what they call, Neosoul they would ask him to listen when they came to practice.

Nawajua hawa wsee vizuri sana. walikuwa wanakuja practice wakiniambia ebu skia hii ngoma but I never understood what kind of music they did calling it Neosoul. I just felt like I majina mingi in one.

daddy owen

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Daddy Owen said that he loves working with Bien because he is amazingly talented! His new song talks about all the chaos in the world and that he still believes that God is in control.

Watch the interview below: