While Kenyan artists consider it a priviledge and an honour when they get to perform infront of hundreds, some have experienced what it’s like to perform for thousands and tens of thousands of adoring fans but none comes close to performing for multitudes quite like STL.

The petite but feisty rapping beauty recently got the opportunity to perform infront of a true multitude and I must say that she made me proud as a Kenyan to be able to say that no other East African act has managed such a feat.

Think about it, performing infront of a thronging mass, some sober, others drunk, some are your fans, some actually do not like you let alone having heard your songs.

And so it was with such a backdrop that she took to the stage and rocked the masses! You honestly have to watch the video! I get a huge adrenaline rush from just watching it. Enjoy.

?? Maisha ya Mwana Mziki Hii.

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