In Africa, there are things you can’t talk about deliberately. Most parents don’t talk about sex with their children. In schools, the word sex is only mentioned during Reproduction class.

It’s difficult for many people to discuss sex in details, but not these Kenyan artistes who are taking part in the Love Matters Music Awards which is set to go down at an invites-only event.

Covering everything from how we deal with rape as a society, to longing to have sex after a “dry spell”, the Love Matters Music Awards are the first music awards in Kenya dedicated to providing young people the chance to produce songs on themes related to pleasure and sexuality.

Read on to learn to learn more about the stories behind the songs…

“Hold My Hand” by Helena, 22
This is a true story about something one of my friends went through. When she was 14, young and naïve, a guy who she thought was her friend took advantage of her and she was raped. She never told her parents about it and for a long time was afraid of being sexual with a man. Helena believes that music and song can be therapeutic and help people heal past hurt.


“Good Music” by Cee L, 24
This song is inspired by a silly line I used to use on chicks… “Hi, I think we can make some good music together! If I am making high noises and she is making grants or whatever… We can make good music together. The song is about a one-night stand because I think if you are in a relationship with someone, you would not get so naughty with them”.



“Mapenzi Sio Sumu” by Shanty L, 20

Two years ago I was a victim of abuse and rape. And I stand before everyone today to talk about it, and to tell everyone who has been through the same experience I have – whether a man or a woman – you are better than everybody thinks you are. Even when they put you down. I hope this song will be a motivation. Stand tall and be proud!

“Love and Sex” by Warĩma, 19
Love and sex is there to serve a purpose, it’s there for a reason. It’s not just there… Otherwise nothing would happen after sex, like getting kids or strong emotional attachments that sometimes make you act crazy.

Honestly, though, you should definitely listen to all the songs on this project HERE, then let us know what you think.

All of the musicians are members of the Sauti Academy of the record label Penya Africa. They have been working with international creative team, alongside Love Matters and the Institute of Development studies, to compose and record songs about love, sex and relationships.

Whoever wins “The Peoples Choice” will get an audio recording of the winning song, as well as a professional music video recording.