Kenya has the hottest female gospel acts who are living it up for Jesus Christ.

From their dress-code, you can tell they are living up for the Kingdom.

Although some of them came from the secular world, the transformation is visible.

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Check out some of their outfits;


Singer Wahu is among those who are very fashionable. The mother of two looks dapper even in the way she dresses for her music video. She looks different from her secular days.

Check out photos,

Wahu Kagwi

Mercy Masika

Mercy Masika is a brand by herself. From dropping singles like Mwema, Nikupendeze to Emmanuel and Nisamehe. Mercy is a perfect role model who adheres to the teaching of the Lord and doesn’t involve herself with the controversies that riddle other gospel musicians.

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Many fans took to their knees when news broke that the star was in an accident along Thika Highway, thanks to their good thoughts and wishes, Mercy recovered from the minor accident and has produced a new single.

Check out her photos

Mercy posing

Size 8

After she gave her life to the Lord, Size 8 dropped all her old ways. She also physically changed her hair as the era of the scarlet red weaves ended. The Mateke star now dons weaves that are closer to her natural hair hue.

The singer is married to DJ Mo who is a TV host for Cross Over 101 and together they have a beautiful daughter, Ladasha Belle. The couple tried to keep a low profile at first but they gave up and let the world know how much they love each other. DJ Mo threw a grand party for Size 8 complete with a Limo picking her up to take her out for an elaborate dinner with friends and family. Usitafute skendal hapa, hautapata.

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Emmy Kosgei

From way back, this beautiful Chamgee lady has been stunning with her taste of fashion.  This beautiful soul has had to contend with nasty comments from people who don’t know anything about her life. The holier than thou, spectators like posting inaccuracies about Emmy on various social media sites. But that has not deemed her shine. The Taunet Nelel star always finds ways to shrug that off and smile away. She is living her life to the fullest.

Check out photos of her.

Emmy Kosgei

Emmy Kosgei