Cheating wife

A young lady has penned a letter to married women telling them to stop meddling in their husbands and their side chics’ business.

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According to this lady, she is dating a married man and is always preaching against dating married men just to fool women out there. She confessed that she is friends on Instagram with her side piece’s wife but doesn’t know that she’s screwing her man.

Below is her letter, go through:

“Letter to the wives,

I want to beg you, wives, to stop wasting your time and looking for who your husbands’ side chicks because they are not far from you. But you waste your time looking for us.  I am dating a married man with a possessive wife, so when her husband told me how hot she was and how she always try to find out who is sharing her husband, I decided to play a fast one on her.

I followed her on Instagram and constantly commented on her pictures. Her husband is not following me and I am not following him too, even when he comments on his wife’s pictures I will comment and tell him how lucky he is to have a beautiful woman and the idiot will be blushing.

She even followed me back and likes my pictures because I constantly preach against dating married men on my page so that she can be very comfortable with me. Foolish woman. I am planning on getting pregnant for her husband if possible marry him while she is busy fooling herself. My point of this post is to tell all the wives to leave their husbands’alone. Let these men have fun, stop the nagging and policing.  Wives look closer ur enemies are not far from you.”

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Reactions include:

Meggytony: How can someone be confidently and wickedly writing these words. You must not only be d sis of karma but also d sis of d devil

Letsallbequeen: So there’s no one around you to tell you how foolish you truly are?

Lawvinymayrie: Don’t worry when you get pregnant for the man, hoping you will be the second wife .just relax and watch him replace you too with another girl better than you.

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Maxzy_taylor: This lady is so so dumb and dull.. With all these many words… Nothing sensible was passed… Very senseless lady

Mhiz_sucat: that God calling for your life…get a purpose girl!

Tseyione: You will die of Leprosy

AnneK: Invest all that smartness in getting your own man or even start by using that smartness for something better, cause the man won’t marry you.

Uchechinwendu: What is the world turning into

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