The tragic story of Ivy Wangeci, who was murdered in cold blood at Moi University, continues to raise more questions than answers.

Why would one travel 350km just to kill an ambitious woman, who was aspiring to be a doctor? This is just one of the many questions lingering through the minds of Kenyans.

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Rodgers Dan Abidha, Ivy’s classmate at the Moi University School of Medicine, has come out to clear the air on the controversial stories going around about his late classmate.

Ivy Wangeci
Ivy Wangeci with her colleagues during a theatre session

He also refuted claims that she was in a love triangle with Naftali.

He took to Twitter to share what he as a friend knows about the late Ivy, telling off those referring to her as a slay queen.

She was such a hard worker, a good student and an amazing doctor to be. She stayed late taking care of patients, diligently followed up on them, stop spreading malicious rumours about her. She was not a ‘slay-queen’ she was a doctor to be. Put some RESPECT to her name.

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In another post he wrote;

I’m a 6th-year medical student, at Moi University School of Medicine. I’m her friend, we are currently in the same rotation, mental health. Or I guess I should say I was her friend, 😭😱😱😰. That guy has robbed the world of a brilliant doctor. So sad.


We (as classmates) have seen Ivy for the last 6 and a half years, from January to December, at our hostel and at the hospital, we know what happens to one of us.

The guy has been stalking her vigorously for the last one year, she had to change a her number just to avoid this guy. We are government-sponsored students, our fees is 30,000/= a year, on the highest end, to study medicine. rumours that the guy has been paying her fees are lies.

Rodgers went ahead to narrate the whole story revolving around Ivy Wangeci and below are the screenshots, go through them:

Ivy Wangeci

Ivy Wangeci

Ivy Wangeci



Many have applauded Rodgers for being a true friend. Reactions include:

Brayohadezm People like you are rare…defending your fallen friend.
Society needs souls like you.
Stand by her dignity.✊🏾 My condolences🙏🏾.

Battrana These are the kind of friends we need RIP Ivy.

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Mutiasbonnke There is something very wrong about how Kenyans sensationalize and run with stories they know nothing about esp when it concerns the dead, those who can’t speak for themselves, thanks for putting in a word for your deceased friend

Breecee So sorry for your loss my brother and thank you for this. You have done the most you can do. Credibility yake will remain strong with you the people who knew her personally. The internet will always talk. Give yourself some time off.

Ivy Wangeci
Ivy Wangeci second from right with her classmates

Patience This is what friends do.
This is what I want my friends to do for me. Say who I was. Uzuri na ubaya usemwe.

Ogwai Odira Whenever a woman gets murdered, the first probe by the society is always about her life, her choices, her actions. In the end, we make it look like her death was her own doing. Like she must have wronged him so badly the only fair punishment for her is death????

Toto_Arhie Even if the story has 27 sides, none of them justifies murder!!

Wanjiku Stalkers are the worst, I have experienced one and trust me they know the victim inside out. Freaking but yeah they are capable of anything.